Hi, I am Chantel Amone!

I am a wife & mom of two beautiful little girls. I currently reside in Vineyard, Utah.

My passion for photography started when I was young. My dad was a truck driver growing up & he didn’t get to be present at very many family events, so he would give my sisters & I disposable cameras. He would ask us to take pictures for him so he could feel like he was there. So at every family event I always had a camera in my hand because I felt it was my duty to keep my dad in the loop! Since then I have just fallen in love with the idea that you can capture a moment in time that you can relive over & over again.

My goal is to help capture all the moments in life you hope to remember for years to come!

Kuini & Mou

“We absolutely LOVED working with Chantel for our engagements! She made us feel so comfortable and our pictures turned out to be all that we wanted and more!! Love, love, love her work! We definitely recommend her to anyone looking to have photos done for any occasion!”

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